Monday, May 2, 2011

Finished Bag & Easter Dye Galore!

Bazaar Bag - Crochet Today

I finally finished the Bazaar Bag from Crochet Today! I ended up making it half the size of what the pattern says, because I am not a big bag person. I used it today and the ladies at Starbucks said they loved it :) It was fun to make even though it took me awhile with all the breaks I took with it. I was going to continue on through patterns in the magazine but I'm taking a break to make some things for a swap I am doing over on Craftster. I love swaps :)

I also went to Target this morning to get some mailers to send of orders when I thought I needed to go to the Easter clearance area. I am so glad I did! All their egg dye was on sale for 10 cents each! Some were even 5 cents! Originally these were $2 each so huge discount! I ended up with 18 boxes which gave me 30 packets of dye, 12 sheets of stickers, 3 packets of glitter & sequins, and 5 mini glue & glitter glue sticks. Why did I do this? To dye roving of course! I can dye like crazy now and get some interesting colors. The stickers I gave to the kids, and the rest I'm saving for our craft projects we do. I'm extremely tempted to go back and get more because come on 10 cents! But I'm being good! My fiber order is coming in either tomorrow or Wednesday and I can not wait to dye it up with all the pretty colors I got!

Easter Dye! 10 & 5 cents each!
Poor Caroline has bad allergies :( She cheered up though once I let her tear into the boxes for stickers

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