Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grappling Tournament

Today hubby had a grappling tournament on base, and we all went so I could finally see what he does. He does so many different types of martial arts but I have never seen him in do them. The one today was in a type that he has never done before but he still did great. Sadly he got hurt so we had to cut it short to take him to the hospital. Turned out he got his ribbed cracked by the first guy that he fought but just kept going making it worse (that is my husband for you). He is ok though, just sore. I enjoyed watching and cheering for him! I can't wait till the next one! Caroline though did not enjoy watching daddy fight, she cried and yelled for him stop, in her eyes he was getting hurt. She calmed down though when she heard his friends yelling for him, I told her that "D" was short for daddy since that is what they call him. Still had to hold her the whole time, and I think for holding a toddler and watching the other I took pretty good photos :) haha Multi-tasker here!

*If you don't know what my husband looks like he is the guy in the navy shirt*

He is guest :) They ended up tying, going into overtime, where hubby won but I missed the damn arm raise!

He had to fight a girl second since she was the only one and in his weight class.

He is guest :)

He then finally told someone he was hurt, and I drove him to the hospital. Afterward we went to Denny's since it was right by base, and now we all have food poisoning....yay......

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