Monday, May 16, 2011

My new toy :)

I've been saving up for a spinning wheel over the past couple months, and last week while I was looking online I came across a deal I couldn't pass up! An electric spinning wheel, oh yes! Good price, and although it is not made out of pretty wood it still rocks at spinning! I even found a group on Ravelry that is obsessed with this brand of PVC wheels, and they paint theirs! They did all sorts of things to their wheels to make them pretty, no none of them are the electric they are all normal wheels, but who says I can't do the same?! It's small enough to fit on the couch, my desk, or where ever I want to spin. I can relax, which my back was excited about, and I don't have to use my legs which my knees are happy about....I swear I'm a 90 year old stuck in a 23 year old body.

Anyway so I was so excited to finally get it that I opened it, set it up on the couch, and started spinning. I love this wheel so much! And now I can fly through roving, then buy more...oh yes awesome plan :) Good thing my hubby could care less what I spend money on haha

So here are a few real quick photos of it! Yes on the couch, and I was trying to cut out little toes in the photo hence the cut of of the ply bobbin. I also showed the little bit that I got to spin until the kids started attacking :)

Babe Electric Spinner

First attempt

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